Wimmera Drug Action Taskforce Promotes Prevention

Wimmera Drug Action Taskforce Promotes Prevention



27 APRIL 2018






Wimmera Drug Action Taskforce is expanding its efforts to prevent harms associated with prescription medication use as part of ScriptWise’s inaugural National Prevention of Prescription Medication Dependence Week from May 14-18.


Taskforce representatives will host a stand in Horsham Plaza on May 16 to encourage community members to discuss the safe use of medications such as opioids and benzodiazepines. They will also be able to discuss Naloxone and how community are able to access it locally.


For five consecutive years, more Victorians have died due to prescription medication-related overdose than on the roads.


Wimmera Drug Action Taskforce co-ordinator Sally Pymer says community education is essential to prevent prescription medication harms.


 “By increasing knowledge about the risks associated with using potentially addictive medications long-term, we can empower community members to make the right decisions for their health,” said Ms Pymer.


 “Prevention Week is a great opportunity to talk with community members about the many effective ways to manage their pain without opioids, and to discuss what to do if they are concerned about their medication use.”


ScriptWise’s Prevention Week also aims to promote existing prevention efforts in Australia and encourage the federal government to invest in a national public awareness campaign.


ScriptWise CEO Bee Mohamed says that more education of both the public and health professionals is necessary to address the root causes of the issue.


“Preventative efforts such as better education and increased access to early intervention services are critical to prevent further harm within local communities,” Ms Mohamed said.


“We know that regional and rural areas have been hit harder by increasing rates of opioid overdose, and it is very heartening to see community groups taking action to address this.”




When: 16 May 2018, 10am – 1pm

Where: Horsham Plaza


For further information, high-resolution images, or interviews please contact:


WDAT: Sally Pymer m: 0418 748 220 / e: Sally.P@Grampianscommunityhealth.org.au

ScriptWise: Lara Beissbarth m: 0425 872 744 / e: lara@scriptwise.org.au






The Wimmera Drug Action Taskforce are a network of Wimmera agencies and community members whose mission is to provide prevention and early intervention strategies to reduce the harms caused by alcohol and other drugs.  The Taskforce rely on donations and sponsorship from interested organisations to operate.






ScriptWise is a non-profit organisation dedicated to preventing the harms associated with prescription medication use and misuse. ScriptWise works with key health organisations, professionals, governments and those personally affected to address the root causes of this multifaceted issue. Our vision is to reduce overdose fatalities caused by prescription medication misuse across Australia to zero. www.scriptwise.org.au

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