Prevention Week




ScriptWise is pleased to introduce our inaugural National Prevention of Prescription Medication Dependence Week May 14-18.


Prevention Week seeks to raise awareness in local communities about how to avoid harms associated with using certain high-risk medications such as opioids and benzodiazepines.

What is prescription medication dependence?

Prescription medication dependence can happen to anyone and sometimes without their knowledge. The body can develop a tolerance which lessens the medication’s effectiveness and means more and more is needed to get the same effect.


People who become dependent on medications can also then lose control over their medication use. Often this is despite their desire to cut down or stop altogether. This is the chronic relapsing and remitting disease called addiction.


It’s important to talk with your GP or another medical professional if you think you may need help. Your health professional can help you arrange a thorough assessment of what you’re experiencing, and tailor a treatment plan to help.


Find out more about getting help here and the prescription medication issue here.

And why do we need to do more to prevent it?

Few Australians know that prescription opioids are responsible for approximately 70 percent of accidental opioid-related deaths, making them a bigger killer than heroin.


Through education and raising public awareness we can help to:

+ prevent the risks and potential harms associated with using medicines such as opioids and benzodiazepines,

+ reduce the stigma around seeking treatment when needed, and

+ increase access to preventative and early intervention treatments within communities


This Awareness Week is an opportunity to raise awareness about this hidden issue within local communities and promote existing prevention efforts.



ScriptWise provides a number of resources to help you engage in a range of different awareness raising activities such as:

+ hosting a community event

+ engaging on social media and/or

+ showing support at your workplace.

Register your event or attend an event near you

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Stay tuned for 2019 resources!

Holding a local community event is a great opportunity to raise awareness about this issue and promote the preventative efforts of your organisation or your community.

Event Toolkit

ScriptWise event resources available

Event planning tips

Event checklist

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PowerPoint Presentation Template

Event run sheet (1hr)

Event run sheet (2.2hr)

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Stay tuned for 2019 resources!

Local Media Guide

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Social Media Guide

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Prevention Week Poster

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ScriptWise is very proud to amplify the voices of people who have been personally affected by the harms associated with prescription medication use. These Australians have dedicated their time to share their stories to help others. Their personal stories are a really valuable way to improve understanding about this issue and reduce the stigma around seeking help.


Please find below a number of interviews and videos you are encouraged to use in your event to ensure we prevent these potential harms within our communities.

SBS The Feed’s “Prescribing Death: Australia’s prescription drug crisis” – 10 mins

ABC Lateline, “Victoria introduces prescription drug monitoring as rates of painkiller addiction rise”

10 mins

ABC 7:30, “Overdose deaths soar as prescription opioid use quadruples in a decade” – 7.5 mins

SBS News, Sister’s grief after brother’s death by fatal dose of prescription painkillers – 2 mins


In 2017 ScriptWise launched Faces of Recovery to reduce the stigma around prescription medication addiction by we asking people in recovery and their health professionals to talk about their experiences.

Let’s Get Candid About Codeine – Community Toolkit

From February 1 2018, medications containing codeine such as Panadeine, Nurofen Plus and some cold and flu tablets became available only by prescription from a GP.


ScriptWise collaborated with a number of expert health professionals and people with lived experience to produce a number of videos to explain why codeine can be addictive, how to recognise the warning signs of dependence and addiction, and how to seek help. You can access these resources through this Community Toolkit.


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