Prescription medication dependence is a medical condition which can happen to anyone. If you are concerned about your medication use, or a loved one’s medication use, you are not alone. There are effective treatments available and health professionals who can help you, your friend, family member or colleague.


Family Drug Support (FDS) are an organisation dedicated to providing support to other family members who, too, have experienced helping someone experiencing harms due to medications or other drugs. Call their helpline 1300 368 186 or visit their website here. Helpful Family Drug Support (FDS) resources include factsheets such as harm reduction for families.

Margaret and John’s story

Margaret and John Millington lost their son, Simon, to accidental prescription medication overdose in 2010.

Kim’s story

Kim lost his son, Heath Ledger, to an accidental prescription medication overdose.

Murray’s story

Murray lost his son, Daniel, to an accidental prescription medication overdose.