We need a whole-of-community approach to prevent prescription medication misuse and overdose fatalities in Australia. 

Find out the many ways you can get involved below.

Please get in touch with us below if you would like to share your personal story. Together we can help reduce the stigma and encourage people experiencing medication dependence to seek help.

ScriptWise’s new One Too Many initiative is dedicated to:

Raising awareness about the risks associated with long-term use of prescription medications such as opioids or benzodiazepines

Ensuring Victorians understand the role and importance of SafeScript in saving lives across the State

Promoting preventative strategies and activities within communities


One Too Many is being implemented in support of the Victorian government’s implementation of its real-time prescription monitoring system, SafeScript.


There are many ways you and your organisation can get involved in or support the One Too Many initiative. For more information, visit our One Too Many webpage here.

In Australia, more people die due to prescription opioids and sedative medications than on our roads.


In an open letter to state and territory Health Ministers across Australia, close to 30 family members who have lost a loved one to prescription medication overdose have called for action to prevent others from experiencing a similar loss.


Show your support and stand with those directly affected by signing a petition urging all Health Ministers in Australia to invest in a national real-time monitoring system. Sign the petition and read more now.

As a not-for-profit organisation, at ScriptWise we rely on the generosity and dedication of individuals, organisations and corporations to help us address the harms associated with prescription medications.

With your help, we can:


+ Work to ensure all Australians understand the risks associated with long-term prescription medications such as opioids and benzodiazepines.


+ Prevent more families from experiencing the loss of a loved one to prescription medication overdose.


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Thank you for your interest in supporting ScriptWise. There are a number of ways we can work together to prevent prescription medication misuse.


Please email our Executive Manager, Nardine Keriakous, to start the conversation at nardine@www.scriptwise.org.au.


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Would you like to help us reach our goal of reducing prescription medication misuse and overdose fatalities in Australia?


Please email our Executive Manager Nardine Keriakous, at nardine@www.scriptwise.org.au with the below details, and she’ll be in touch about the many different opportunities available.

Let us know:

+ which state in Australia you would like to volunteer in

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+ whether there are any specific areas you would like to volunteer in


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