Community Education

Community Education


Primary prevention to reduce the number of Australians affected by the opioid health crisis is at the core of ScriptWise’s work and focus on community education.


Despite the devastating consequences of prescription medication overdose for so many families, approximately 1 million Australians reported recent non-medical use of a pharmaceutical medication.


Many people are at risk due to a lack of knowledge about these medications, and their potential effects. For example, our Australia-wide survey in 2016 found:


+ 50 percent of Australians did not know that codeine, ibuprofen or paracetamol can be addictive

+ 90 percent could not identify the warning signs of opioid medication dependence, and

+ a recent AIHW survey also found more than 25 percent of Australians think non-medical use of pharmaceuticals is acceptable



Engaging with the whole community to increase health literacy is an essential step in the fight to reduce fatalities due to prescription medication misuse, dependence and addiction.


ScriptWise works in partnership with many organisations and individuals through avenues such as:


+ Community forums

+ Conferences

+ Awareness raising events

+ Keynote addresses by invitation

+ National and local media and social media

+ State-wide policy and stakeholder meetings


To find out more about opportunities to be a part of ScriptWise’s outreach events please visit out ‘Get Involved’ page or email